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Warda Ahmed: Attitudes behind the words


What is often said to racialized people and the attitudes behind the words. / By Warda Ahmed @wanzech, inspired by Chucha Marguez @la_chucha.


"You speak Finnish really well!" = Finnish can never be your mother tongue.


"Maybe we should call you 'Allu'!" = I'm not bothered to learn how to pronounce your name.


"You would look great without the scarf!" = Wearing the scarf can not be your own choice.


"We are not used to newcomers." = I find difference uncomfortable.


"Where are you from?" = People who look like you are not from around here.


The Bingo of racism discussion!

1. Could we discuss the polirization of the discussion? 2. The youth/the minorities are going wild over nothing again! 3. We can no more draw/present racialized people! 4. Reverse racism! 5. This work is really important for our culture!  6. It's just a singular situation! 7. Racism is such a strong word! 8. This was OK in the nineties. 9. She/he/I can't be racist, I have a black friend! 10. You can't say the n-word anymore! 11. Politics should not affect an artist's work! 12. It was not meant to be racist, so it can't be racist. 13. CENSORSHIP!! 14. I was pondering here for myself and I see no problem. 15. What about the starving children of the world? 16. Didn't you get the joke?

Warda Ahmed, Racism, Chucha Marguez, Attitudes, Microaggressions, Comics, Brainfart

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