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Cover over hate – stickers and posters to print out

Active members of the Feminist Comics movement noticed hateful stickers and posters in different cities. The stickers are hard to remove and sometimes even razorblades are found under them. It seems safer, easier ja and more effective to cover them with new stickers and posters, ones that spread positive, antiracist messages. We joined forces to collect the stickers and spread them to as many as possible, so here you are!

Poster mothballed, case closed? Rupture and what’s causing it

Writers: Warda Ahmed, JAKKE, Hannele Richert, Johanna Rojola The poster of the current (20.–24.3.) comics festival Tampere Kuplii 2019 caused a discussion about the hidden racism of cartoon and caricature tradition. The poster got mothballed and the picture was changed – is the case closed already? On the contrary, the discussion is just beginning! Tampere Kuplii is an important event in the Finnish comics calendar,...
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