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Comics and changing reality: Mukku from Mämmilä found unfitting for the poster of the Tampere Kuplii comics festival - which is just as well

Writers: Ralf Kauranen and Olli Löytty The Tampere Kuplii comics festival will get a new poster. Due to strong criticism expressed on the Facebook event page, the original poster containing characters from Tarmo Koivisto’s classic comic Mämmilä was abandoned by the organizers soon after its unveiling. The poster’s design followed the model from the early Mämmilä comics albums. Although the poster is now removed from the...

New Comic! Warda Ahmed: Attitudes behind the words

Oh no, did I just say that?  Internalized attitudes shine through our speech as unpleasant implications. Warda Ahmed collected a series of comic panels out of the brainfarts that racialized people have to hear once too often.  The style is inspired by Chucha Marguez, with juicy colors, significant thinking material and a bonus: a bingo panel for racial discussion. 

Poster mothballed, case closed? Rupture and what’s causing it

Writers: Warda Ahmed, JAKKE, Hannele Richert, Johanna Rojola The poster of the current (20.–24.3.) comics festival Tampere Kuplii 2019 caused a discussion about the hidden racism of cartoon and caricature tradition. The poster got mothballed and the picture was changed – is the case closed already? On the contrary, the discussion is just beginning! Tampere Kuplii is an important event in the Finnish comics calendar,...

Trauma of Everyday Racism: Picturing Discrimination and Resistance in Paula Bulling’s Im Land der Frühaufsteher

Writer: Anna Vuorinne There is one particular panel in Paula Bulling’s comic Im Land der Frühaufsteher (2012) that keeps haunting me. A full-page image in the middle of the story shows one of the main characters of the comic, Farid, waiting for a train at a railway station. The only thing we can see of Farid, however, is the contours of his body against the waiting hall of the station. Why has he suddenly become invisible? Bulling’s...

Warda Ahmed: Attitudes behind the words

What is often said to racialized people and the attitudes behind the words. / By Warda Ahmed @wanzech, inspired by Chucha Marguez @la_chucha. "You speak Finnish really well!" = Finnish can never be your mother tongue. "Maybe we should call you 'Allu'!" = I'm not bothered to learn how to pronounce your name. "You would look great without the scarf!" = Wearing the scarf can not be your own choice. "We are not...
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