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Picturing the realities of migration

Written by Anna Vuorinne. Because migration is a phenomenon of the real world and an experience of real people many of the comics dealing with migration are non-fictive or documentary. Documentary comics tell about real lives and show things that have actually happened. While the primary goal of a fictive comic may be to entertain or to introduce an alternative reality, the primary goal of a documentary comic is to share...

Samara: If we could get electricity...

I'm doing fine now, that I got work through Hirundo. I like my work and the day starts with a cheerful mind. 2. My mood changes when I get a call from home. "Mommy! When are you coming home?" "Soon enough!" Most of my paycheck goes home to my family for their living costs. After work I spend time at the Railway Station. 3. My stress level rises as the night approaches. "Where can I spend the night?" 4. When...

Tana Oshima: Vagabond (excerpt)

Tana Oshima: Vagabond (excerpt) Tana Oshima is a writer and comics artist based in New York. Her comic "Vagabond" is a poetic, touching story of the sentiments of a person between two cultures.
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